Enzoology Education produces Exploration Nation, a STEM instruction program featuring adventure video of kids performing scientific research for grades K-9.

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Exploration Nation is the company’s first branded property. Featuring real kids doing authentic science research around the globe, our team of media and education producers capture these adventures on video and create integrated lesson plans, tools and resources for educators. The program is sold to public, private and charter schools for a recurring subscription.

Examples of Exploration Nation Lesson Programming include:

  • The Physics of Super Cars
  • Tracking the Giant Garter Snake
  • Solar Power
  • The Physics of Medieval Weapons
  • Walking with Mammoths
  • Taking Flight with Newton’s Laws
  • The Last Shaman
  • Jungle Survival with Special Operations

There is nothing like Exploration Nation.
Nothing inspires and motivates kids like other kids. We harness the wide open passion of kids as they learn first hand exploring science around the world. Working side by side with experts on location, our 11-14 year old hosts go hands on doing authentic research and making discoveries as cameras roll.

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