Enzoology Education, Inc. is a media and technology company serving educators worldwide with simple to teach, digital instruction that integrates video, lesson plans and hands-on learning projects. The company’s flagship STEM instruction property, Exploration Nation is an innovative model that brings digital media and inquiry-based learning together in a system that is highly engaging.

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Enzoology Education creates and distributes branded, multi-media properties for the education market.  The company released its breakthrough program “Exploration Nation” in the Fall of 2012. The company is known for its process to integrate authentic, television-like media productions that feature kids in leading roles with proven instruction rubrics and methods.

We help educators and students “get” Science.
The company develops and sells standards-based, supplemental, science instruction programming featuring real kids performing authentic science research. The program includes television style video, complete instruction guides for educators, materials for students, and hands-on activities for a “plug and play” system.

The company was founded by two technology executives with extensive experience in developing brand strategies for Fortune 100/500 companies. Combining this experience with extensive customer research, collaboration with educators and cutting-edge school districts, the company has developed a next generation model for developing and distributing rich media in the classroom and beyond.

About Exploration Nation
Exploration Nation features teams of kids that join with explorers, scientists, researchers and experts to embark on eye-popping journeys of discovery. From the backyard to the deep jungle and beyond our affable hosts share their insights with students in a way that only kids can deliver – authentic, in plain language and with wide-eyed enthusiasm for learning. Each adventure is captured on video and delivered as part of a comprehensive lesson program that includes educator materials, student materials, assessments and a modular system of hands on activities.

The program has been featured in numerous television and press outlets including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Today, NBC News, Time, Forbes, Scientific American and many more.